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Bringing More Community to Minnesota Community Acupuncture: Announcing our Volunteer Program!


Community acupuncture exists because communities across America have decided they deserve affordable healthcare. Community acupuncture was born of necessity. We live in a time and place where 1 in every 5 individuals lives without any form of health insurance, and many of those who are insured feel that they are inadequately covered.

We would not exist without the support of our community, with whom we have partnered over the past six years to create a thriving clinic open seven days a week. Recently, we decided that the next step in our partnership would be to invite our valued patients, our community, to become involved with the actual operations of the clinic. This is where our volunteer program comes in!

The volunteer program serves a threefold purpose:
1) to empower our patients to use their strengths and talents to help Minnesota Community Acupuncture grow;
2) to assist us in continuing to provide quality, affordable acupuncture to anyone who wants it;
3) and to forge a stronger sense of community between the acupuncturists at Minnesota Community Acupuncture and the patients we serve.

You may have noticed some new faces recently, as we’ve already had a handful of extraordinary patients commit to volunteering at our Edina clinic.   We’ve decided that a model where volunteers and acupuncturists work together to manage the daily operations and forward progress of our clinic is ideal.   The volunteer program marks the first step in this direction.    If you have even 4 hours a week to volunteer with us, your time and talents will be truly appreciated.

As a volunteer you may be able to help with:

1.  Checking in patients at the front desk
2.  Helping us answer phones during busier times
3.  Helping us transition our paper files into a digital format (we’re in the process of going green!)
4.  Generally maintaining our clinic to keep it a clean/friendly place

You will receive all the benefits associated with being a volunteer member of the national cooperative of community acupuncture, POCA (People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture)

These benefits include:

1.  A free birthday treatment each year.
2.  Three “free first treatment” certificates –  good at any POCA clinic. Introduce friends and family to acupuncture.
3.  Waiving new patient fees at POCA member clinics.
4.  Access to online discussion forums to connect with acupuncturists and other patients.
5.  Voting in annual board elections and running for positions within the POCA cooperative, and our cooperative in the future.

Most of all you’ll receive the knowledge that as a volunteer you’ve become invested in our clinic, our community, and by extension, your own healing process.

If you’re interested in joining our exciting volunteer program, please contact Rob at our newsletter email address,minncamailchimp@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Bringing More Community to Minnesota Community Acupuncture: Announcing our Volunteer Program!

  1. I would love to volunteer. I am good at transferring paper to computer or whatever else you need. I am most available on Thursdays but could come other times as well. This is a great idea.

  2. How nice that MinnCA has a newsletter. It is so good to be kept informed. I would love to be a volunteer and could help in any area needed. The Maplewood office would be the best place for me, since that is where I have regular acupuncture and it is near where I live.

  3. I would like to volunteer at the Edina clinic or possibly Maplewood.

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