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Minnesota Community Acupuncture featured in the Edina Patch…

Edina Clinic Specializes in ‘Working Class’ Acupuncture

By Ashle Briggs Horton

The room is dimly lit. Thirteen recliners line the perimeter, blankets draped over their backs. Soothing music plays softly in the distance. In the corner, a woman is sleeping. On the other side of the room, another woman reclines, gazing at the ceiling.

If the sound of “community acupuncture” conjured images of crowded rooms and needles sticking out at odd angles under fluorescent lights, all that is dispelled here.

And while one might wonder if receiving acupuncture treatments in the presence of strangers would make people anxious or uneasy, Minnesota Community Acupuncture’s Kerri Casey said it’s just the opposite.

“People seem to feel safer,” she said. “They can look around and see that everyone’s comfortable.”

They can also come with a friend or spouse. And with needles placed only below elbows and knees and on the ears, there’s no need to feel self conscious. Continue reading