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Cooperatives: The Importance of Community

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In order to continue providing our patients with quality healthcare at an affordable price, Minnesota Community Acupuncture is currently exploring the process of becoming an acupuncture cooperative.

Minnesota has a long history of cooperative development, owed regionally to our Scandinavian roots.  Scandinavia and Germany both have long histories of forming cooperatives.  Some of the oldest cooperatives in Minnesota date back as far as the mid-nineteenth century, and took the form of farmers banding together to create agricultural coops.  To this day, we remain the country’s most cooperatively organized state with over 1,016 Minnesota based coops in existence.

Cooperatives remain important today as they offer real advantages to both consumers and workers.  A coop’s structure allows it to leverage its collective influence to maintain low prices for products and services, while keeping the quality of those products and services high.  In addition, a cooperative empowers its members and encourages community.  The coop model moves away from sole ownership and encourages people to work together to build the type of business or organization they’d like to work at and have in their neighborhood.

We believe this is an exciting prospect not only for our workers, but also for our patients and all the members of our community who’ve supported us these last seven years.  If you’d like to be on the mailing list to receive further updates about our conversion to a cooperative in the future, please e-mail rob@minnca.com

As the nature of a cooperative is community, we can’t do this without you!  Please show that you support the affordable services we offer the community, and take the first step with us by signing up for our cooperative mailing list today.

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