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Meet Our New Acupuncturist Shelley Sloan

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Acupuncture first peaked my interest in the early 80’s.  At the time I had the opportunity to travel to Taiwan for a few months.  I’d hoped to study acupuncture once I’d gotten there.  This didn’t end up happening, but I was able to head to the largest university in Taiwan while I was there and speak with some of the practitioners and teachers.  I came back from Taiwan, and took a small break from pursuing acupuncture studies to become a nurse.  I graduated from nursing school in 1985, and later got my Master’s in Acupuncture in 2008.

Since then I’ve had a blast combining both of these healing practices.  In 2011 I spent time learning how to setup clinics for disaster relief with Acupuncturist’s Without Borders.  The week after I came back, I put that training to use as a tornado hit North Minneapolis.  I co-setup and ran a clinic there for 2 weeks providing relief for the community.    The first day we were open one of the community leaders came in and declared, “If I don’t like this, you won’t see anybody…If I do like it, you’re going to be full.”  After her treatment we remained packed for the next 13 days.

Last summer I had the pleasure of getting away to New York to live and work at Eden Village, an organic farm-to-table camp in the Putnam Valley.  It was a vibrant community of 300 people that created a fun, safe and inclusive space for young people to be themselves – to learn, grow and explore their true gifts and passions.

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